Are you ready for the next challenge?

Are you ready for the next challenge?

Email if you can fill a spot as a volunteer and ensure our events go ahead as planned. On race day we also need volunteers to assist with setting up & packing away, water stops, road marshalling, mount/dismount line marshalls etc. If you can help on race day, see RD. Competitors are encouraged to arrive early to help and stay until all equipment is stowed in the trailer. We need volunteers to ensure everything runs smoothly and according to schedule. Email if you can fill a position on race day. The position of Race Director accrues six points which is ideal if you think you need a rest or are injure.

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    • Distance: 200m swim / 10km ride / 2km run
    • Location: Lake Alexander
    • Organiser: DTC

    Open to Non-Members

    Limited spots – register now!
    Rego Link


    • Race Director: Tina Sanderson & Jason Hamilton
    • Registration x 2: Trish Garraway & Kia King
    • Fruit | Ice: James Blackburn
    • Aquathon #3 NT Champs

      Aquathon #3 NT Champs January 20, 2019

      • Distance: 750m Swim / 5km Run
                             250m Swim / 2km Run
      • Location: Lake Alexander
      • Organiser: DTC


      Rego Link


      • Race Director: Brian Gallagher
      • Registration x 2: David Loewensteiner & Jane Thomas
      • Fruit | Ice: Paul MacDonald
          • Distance: 1/200/1/200/1
          • Location: Nightcliff Pool
          • Organiser: DTC (Novelty)
          • Junior races and BBQ to follow the seniors race


        Registration Link (Seniors)

        Registration Link (Juniors)


        • Race Director: Pippa Featherstone (seniors) , Jason Hamilton (juniors)
        • Registration x 2: Nigel
        • Fruit | Ice: Chris Monahan
        • Progressive Triathlon

          Progressive Triathlon November 23, 2018 - November 25, 2018

          800m Swim
          Friday 23rd November
          6pm, Darwin Waterfront Lagoon
          Rego: Jess & Braden Searle


          20km Ride
          Saturday 24th November
          7am, Hidden Valley
          Rego: Moira Wigley & Natasha Freeman


          5km Run
          Sunday 25th November
          6pm, Darwin Ski Club
          Rego: Sarah & Elliot Bolitho

          Registration and More Info


          • Race Director: Clare Labowitch
          • Fruit | Ice: N/A
          • Aquathlon #2

            Aquathlon #2 November 10, 2018

            • Distance: 200m Swim / 2km run x 3
            • Location: Waterfront Lagoon
            • Organiser: DTC



            • Race Director: Lucas Hayden
            • Registration x 2: Matt Jong & Tricia Garraway
            • Fruit | Ice: Alice Wade
            • Aquathlon #1

              Aquathlon #1 October 27, 2018

              • Distance: 200m Swim / 2km run x 2
              • Location: Waterfront Lagoon
              • Organiser: DTC  



              • Race Director: Tina Sanderson
              • Registration x 2: Jess Lockwood & Matt Jong
              • Fruit | Ice: Alice Wade